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Checkered Flag Raceway now offers membership cards for all drivers. 
We will take your photo and address information  
and provide you a Checkered Flag Driver's License.

Membership Benefits include:

Get a personalized Checkered Flag Raceway Driver's License  - Kid's love to see their picture and name on the license.  Adult's love the convenience of not having to worry about losing paper tickets. All the rides get stored on the card! Tickets never expire.
Printed Race Results Tickets - At the end of each race, you will receive a ticket that lists the time it took to complete each lap, as well as the average lap time for the whole race. The ticket also lists your average lap times for the past five races.  We track our times to the nearest 1000th of a second using the same lap timing technology as Nascar and Indy.  It does wonders for your competitive spirit!
Member-Only Discounts - Members not only save on each purchase, but we will offer periodic member-only discount coupons on our website.   The membership pays for itself after two, 5 ride purchases!

Annual membership is only $5.00.

Annual renewal is only $4.00

Member-Only Savings

1 Ride: Save $1.00 per purchase

3 Rides: Save $2.00 per purchase

5 Rides: Save $2.75 per purchase

10 Rides: Save $4.50 per purchase


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